Hey, friend.

If you’re anything like me, you may…

…feel drawn to things that are created slowly and with intention (even if you feel like you’re running around nonstop most days);

…want to notice more of the sacred goodness in the mundanities of daily life;

…be in need of the occasional gentle reminder to stop being so daggum hard on yourself and appreciate the fullness of who you are as an amazing and multi-faceted person.

These are the kinds of things that are rolling around in my mind, body, and spirit as I write each journal entry to share with you. I hope I can offer you something that feels resonant, something that whispers to your soul, something that helps you connect with the incredible well of wisdom and creativity that you already have within you.

Studio Updates

In addition to the journal entries, I’ll send you occaisional updates on the happenings in my studio. These may include notes about what’s currently available in my shop, workshops or other educational offerings, and opportunities to come see or purchase my art in person.

Kick off your shoes & stay a while.

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with lots of love, 

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