entering this new year slowly + with a spirit of experimentation

November 2022

a quick little reminder of a discount code
first, a self check-in. then, a few holiday offerings.

August 2022

finding God in a pile of fabric

July 2022

on the themes of generosity, hopefulness, and connection
It’s time for a SHOP UPDATE! I have just finished updating my shop with some delightful inventory, including a few fun things i’ve never offered online…

May 2022

Hey! Here’s what I got for ya in today’s email: Some thoughts about finding my rhythm or finding something else instead Studio updates – stoles galore…

January 2022

One of my intentions for my business this coming year is to find more ease in my processes. I’m a chronic over-thinker. I tend to overcomplicate…

December 2021

Can I be honest for a second? True honesty is hard. Like that deep down, nitty gritty, coming-from-your-core kind of honesty.

September 2021

introducing my new visio divina deck

August 2021

Hey, folks. There has been nothing but radio silence from me lately on all of my online spaces! So I thought I’d share a quick note about what I’m up…
Speaking as someone who has a divinity degree and loves to preach, at this point in my life, I’m pretty thrilled to not be writing and delivering a…